DRI International (July 2002--present)

Teach several business continuity courses.   Subject areas taught include program initiation and management, risk evaluation and control, business impact analysis, developing business continuity strategies, emergency preparedness and response, developing and implementing business continuity plans, awareness and training programs, maintaining and exercising business continuity plans, crisis communications, and coordination with external agencies.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist  (May 2009--March, 2010)

As a subcontractor, developed fourteen information technology disaster recovery strategies, directed the development of over thirty business continuity plans, conducted a tabletop exercise and assisted in the development of the business impact analysis.

University Health Systems of East Carolina  (January--October, 2009)

As a subcontractor, developed information technology disaster recovery strategies and assisted in the development of the business impact analysis.  Eight strategies including a combination of commercial vendor and internal organization options were developed using a combination of data replication, remote vaulting and tape backup methodologies.

Perdido Bay Tribe of Creek Indians (May--August, 2009)

Developed a Business Plan, Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery Strategies, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans for the Native Paths Museum. The plans and documents cover business projections, organizational threats, risks and vulnerabilities, critical business functions, potential impacts, business unit  dependencies, information technology recovery strategies and procedures, and business recovery procedures.

ServiceMaster (January--February, 2009)

Developed nine disaster recovery plans (DRPs) supporting various business functions.  The DRPs documented recovery procedures, team member and organization contact lists, resources required for recovery, server and software inventories, network configurations, and other information needed to perform business and application recoveries.

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (April--September, 2008)

As a subcontractor, developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for commercial Hot Site services and evaluated vendor proposals.  The vendor proposals were evaluated on their presentation of vendor track record and company financials, servers and network devices proposed, and professional services offered.

International Paper (February--June, 2008)

As a subcontractor, developed personnel emergency evacuation procedures using helicopters and jet aircraft for a multinational paper company.  The emergency response plans included notification procedures, agreements with aircraft companies for transport, airport specifications and communications information, driving directions to alternate sites and checklists.

Appalachian State University (August--September, 2007)

As a subcontractor, analyzed the university's existing DRP.  The DRP was reviewed for the existence of recovery procedures, were critical systems documented and for adherence to best practices.  A gap analysis report was developed documenting our findings.

Sears Holdings Company (June--July, 2006)

As a subcontractor, developed business continuity strategy options for the Sears corporate data center.  Twenty strategies and their associated costs were developed including commercial hot sites, corporate internal reciprocal and network accessible data storage options.

Slice of Life Video Features (July 2002--present)

Assisted in the production of the Avery County, North Carolina economic development video.  Produced and developed an interactive computer video CD presenting the business community, community services, culture, education and local area lifestyle.  Performed extensive research supporting the production of the interactive video CD and DVD.  Assist in the production of several commercial, demonstration, promotional and training DVDs and video CDs.

Private and Public Businesses, Inc. (March 2002--April, 2006)

Taught several business continuity, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness classes.  Courses taught included the Incident Command System (ICS), Dealing With The Media, business and government partnerships, business continuity and emergency management best practices, and developed courseware.

South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce (September 2001--December 2002)

Provided consulting support resulting in the development of the Business Continuation and Communication Center, a facility established as a recovery center for Denver area businesses.  Developed a Business Impact Analysis documenting the chamber's critical business functions, interdependencies, critical resources, and estimated losses over time due to outages.

Microsoft (October 2002)

As a subcontractor, participated in the Microsoft Network (MSN) Business Continuity Plan / Disaster Recovery Plan (BCP/DRP) Phase 1 project functional review.  Functional areas reviewed included single points of failure, recovery prioritizations, escalation and de-escalation procedures, assessment procedures, critical support systems and other areas.

Other (July 2002--present)

Developed the Business Continuity Planning System (BCPSys) in use in the Iowa Healthcare System.  Developed business continuity plans, continuity of operations (COOP) plans, disaster recovery plans, business impact analyses and risk assessments for several organizations.